Friday, February 22, 2008

Spring cleaning....

Kinda. Yesterday and today I finally made myself go through the boys' clothes. OMFG, where did they get all of it?! I went thru the closet and both rubber maid containers under the bed. I now have 1 huge thing full of winter clothes, 2 big diaper boxes of summer clothes (to be sold) and a smaller box of pj's! Feels good to purge. Now only if ebay wasn't fucking ppl over I could sell it all (85% gymbo) and make my money back. Guess I'll take a stab at our local craigslist and hope someone has good taste in clothes like me (and wants to buy them).

Friday, February 15, 2008

So much for that lung...

I'm pretty sure this morning in the midst of my coughing fit I hacked up my left lung. Lots of people only have 1 lung right? I'm pretty sure I can get by with just one lung though. I don't smoke and hardly ever work out so I don't have to worry about over exerting myself and it going ka-put on me. At least that's what I'm telling myself....

Thursday, February 14, 2008

sick,sick, sick

I'm sick, dh is sorta sick and both kids are sick. But can't complain much, first time we've been sick all year, unlike my major germaphobe SIL who insists on purelling everything under the son so her kids can't build up any sort of immune system. Who cares if mine crawl on the floor at the pediatricians office or lick shopping carts. At least I know they be missing the first year of school b/c they're sick all the time!

Oh and our damn satellite was out... we went 6 days with only 5 channels, none of which showed any cartoons! But we're back up and running today, THANK GOD!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Cocktail time...

Everyone is nicely tucked into bed. It's nice and quiet. Satellite is still out (boo). So it's mommy cocktail time! Something to take the edge off of this horrid cold (but not give mom a hangover). Oh and actually, we do have like 5 working channels, CNN (whatever channel that annoying bitch Nancy Grace is on), a shopping channel (ha! like we have the money), Horse Racing/betting (again, too poor) and Headline News. They've been talking about that scum ass Joran Vander Sloot all friggin night. Why doesn't someone just shoot his ass? Or better yet... lets take him out in the middle of the ocean and drop his ass off a boat! I'll buy the gas!

Child Proof My Ass!

So punk #2 is also running a slight fever. So I gave him some chewable tylenol, set the tylenol on our desk and changed his diaper. In the time it took me to walk to the kitchen and back the little terror had opened the tylenol container and was DUMPING it into his mouth! Thankfully I got all but one out. I don't think one extra one is gonna kill him. But we must've wasted at least 3. Shit aint cheap either! I'm just glad it wasn't something like benedryl. He'd be freakin bouncing off my walls!

Made it home safely...

Well, we're back from vacation... what a trip! Next time I think we'll leave MIL at home. I really really get along great with her (while she's 1100 miles away). But our schedules are just so different so when she wants dinner at 5:30 and we want to wait til 7:30 she gets pissy and annoying. And well, lets face it, her choice of dinning just wasn't us. We're not crunchy, we don't want duck either. Or a tree hugger salad. Sorry. Anyways, that was pretty much the only snafu and it was the last day, thankfully! We're going back, just the 4 of us in May, I can't wait!

Oh and now we're all sick. Dh is the worse (well, he's the best at being a big ol' baby). He pretty much hurts all over and only wants grilled cheese and soups for dinner. Punk #1 is super sneezy and coughing (dry, thankfully). And punk #2 has snotty nose from hell. And my throat hurts and I have a runny nose. Pretty sure the kids and I are just suffering from allergies. I guess that's what we get for living in BFE. So we're stocked up on claritan and delsym.

Monday, January 28, 2008


He found it! I've had Polar Express hidden for about a month now and the littlest terror found it! Now he wants to watch it a million times a day! Hopefully while the TV is baby sitting I can find another/better hiding place for it!